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Zojirushi Rice Cooker, 10-Cup (Uncooked)

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Color – White



  • This rice cooker offers the convenience of cooking rice and keeping it warm for up to five hours, ensuring that your rice is ready whenever you are.
  • Its versatile functionality extends beyond rice cooking, allowing you to steam seafood and vegetables or prepare custards and eggs, providing a range of cooking options in one appliance.
  • The included measuring cup and serving spatula make it easy to measure the right amount of rice and serve it with precision.
  • Operating with 600 watts of power, this rice cooker efficiently cooks your rice and other ingredients.
  • With its compact design, it stands at 9-1/4 inches in height to the lid knob and has a diameter of 13 inches, including the handles, making it suitable for various kitchen spaces.
  • Please note that it is important to measure rice using the cup provided with the product, as the capacity is based on approximately 6 oz. / 180mL of raw short-grain white rice in the cup. Different types of grains may have varying measurements.
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Zojirushi Rice Cooker, 10-Cup (Uncooked)
Zojirushi Rice Cooker, 10-Cup (Uncooked)
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