A man, woman, and little girl are seated around a table eating a meal.
A hand is scooping out cooked white rice from a rice cooker with a paddle.
Pieces of steak are being grilled. Soup is around the edges of the grill.
A cartoon drawing of a family of 5 is having fish, cucumber salad, Hainanese chicken, barbeque pork, and rice at a table.

HonuSquare was founded in 2020 as a kitchen supply store for tableware and cookware that was commonly found in Asian households. We want families to feel rooted in their culture yet easily find designer and well-made goods for their kitchens and homes. 

At HonuSquare, families, or "Ohana", are central to our beliefs. We believe that life's precious moments are spent with family and friends. Our goal is to help curate those moments. Therefore, we implore you to explore our content and learn about the designers and the history behind the cookware.