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Zojirushi Water Boiler And Warmer, 5-Liter

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  • Brand: Zojirushi
  • Capacity: 5 Liters
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Wattage: 1500
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Hybrid water boiler and warmer; Energy-saving timer function (6-10 hours)
  • 4 keep warm temperature settings (160 Degrees F, 175 Degrees F, 195 Degrees F, 208 Degrees F) and vacuum insulated non-electric keep warm
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 8.8 x 11.1 x 15.8 Inches. Removable magnetic power cord
  • Quick temp mode brings water to the desired temperature without boiling, Micro computerized temperature control system
  • Easy-To-Clean nonstick interior and clear-coated stainless steel body
  • Interchangeable melody or beep signal may also be turned off


The Zojirushi America CV-DCC50XT VE Hybrid Water Boiler And Warmer is a versatile and efficient appliance designed to provide hot water for various purposes. With its sleek and modern design, this 5-liter capacity water boiler is a perfect addition to any kitchen, office, or hospitality setting.

Featuring a unique VE (Vacuum-Electric) hybrid system, this water boiler combines the benefits of both vacuum insulation technology and electric heating elements. The vacuum insulation helps to keep water hot for extended periods while reducing energy consumption, making it an eco-friendly choice. The electric heating system quickly brings the water to the desired temperature and maintains it throughout the day.

One of the standout features of the Zojirushi CV-DCC50XT is its precise temperature control. You can easily select the desired temperature from the range of 160°F to 208°F (70°C to 98°C), allowing you to customize the water temperature for different types of beverages or recipes. The easy-to-read LCD panel and user-friendly interface make temperature adjustments a breeze.

Safety is a top priority with the Zojirushi CV-DCC50XT. It is equipped with multiple safety features, including an auto shut-off function, which turns off the heating element when the water reaches a certain temperature or if the water level is too low. The sturdy handle ensures safe and convenient pouring, and the swivel base allows for easy access from any angle.

Cleaning and maintenance are hassle-free with this water boiler. The wide-mouth opening and removable lid make it easy to access the interior for a thorough cleaning, and the nonstick-coated interior prevents mineral buildup. The detachable power cord adds to the convenience, allowing for easy storage when not in use.

Whether you need hot water for making tea, coffee, instant noodles, or even baby formula, the Zojirushi America CV-DCC50XT VE Hybrid Water Boiler And Warmer is a reliable and efficient appliance that provides convenience and versatility. With its advanced features, durable construction, and sleek design, it is a valuable addition to any home or workplace.

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Zojirushi Water Boiler And Warmer, 5-Liter
Zojirushi Water Boiler And Warmer, 5-Liter
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