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Narita 7.5Q Thermal Cooker

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Color – Silver



This energy-saving magic cooker is designed to provide ease and convenience for busy people. Only 10 minutes of energy are used for perfect stews. Cook while you are traveling. It will not overcook your food. Perfect cooking retains the full flavors and nutrients of the food and will still be kept warm for when you are back. You can leave it cooking while you go to work and the food will still be kept warm for when you are back.

  • 304 18/8 Stainless steel inner pot
  • Non-electric thermal cooker with a Large capacity of 7.0L
  • 1.5L inner pot that nests inside the 7.0L pot
  • Excellent for home parties and outdoor use
  • Keep food warm for up to 6 hours
    Narita 7.5Q Thermal Cooker
    Narita 7.5Q Thermal Cooker
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