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Kitchen World Marble Ware

KW Marble Ware Non Stick Wok 28 cm

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Color – Black



This Wok is truly a revolutionary breakthrough in non-stick cookware. The stone-like marble coating not only makes this wok as tough as stone, enabling it to withstand as much as 10X more abrasion than standard Teflon-coated cookware; this special marble coating also makes this wok totally non-stick and non-scorching. Absolutely no oil is needed to fry/grill your favorite food. And cleaning, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to clean this wok...just a dash of dish soap and a soft pad, absolutely no scrubbing with powder abrasives, hard pads, etc. Plus with the marble coating on both the inside and outside, your wok will continue to look like it's new forever, even from the outside.

  • Premium Quality Cast Aluminium with 3 layers of Non-Stick Coating plus 1 layer of Marble Coating makes this wok totally non-stick
  • Marble coating both inside and outside makes cleaning this pan the easiest ever.
  • Marble coating is 10x stronger than Teflon and last much, much longer
  • Can be used with gas, electric, or induction cookers
  • Eco Friendly and Healthier way to cook
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KW Marble Ware Non Stick Wok 28 cm
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