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Kitchen World Marble Ware

KW Marble Ware Non Stick Fry Pan

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The best fry pan in the market ever. The marble coating is miraculous...cook, fry, grill, whatever, all without any oil at all and nothing will ever stick. Cleanup is unbelievable, a dash of soap, and water on a soft sponge and it's as good as new. Made of high-quality cast aluminum, with 4 layers of marble coating both inside and outside, this pan is lightweight, about 2 pounds, but extremely durable, lasting as much as 10x longer than Teflon-coated pans.

  • Premium Quality Cast Aluminium with 4 layers of Non-Stick Marble Coating making this truly the first and the very best really non-stick pan ever.
  • Marble coating both inside and outside makes cleaning this pan the easiest ever.
  • Marble coating is 10x stronger than Teflon and last much, much longer
  • 26 cm (10 inches) diameter
  • Hurry, only 2 items left in stock!
KW Marble Ware Non Stick Fry Pan
KW Marble Ware Non Stick Fry Pan
KW Marble Ware Non Stick Fry Pan
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