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HUHU 11-Inch Rectangular Grill Pan

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Color – Red




  • Versatile cooking companion: This grill pan is designed to enhance your cooking experience with its unique features and high-quality materials.
  • Clear glass lid: The compatible glass lid allows you to monitor your food while it cooks, sealing in heat and flavors for delicious results.
  • Easy cleaning with non-stick coating: The Mega Stone Titanium marble non-stick coating ensures that your food doesn't stick to the surface, making cleanup a breeze.
  • Smoke and odor control: The silicone rim effectively seals in all smoke and odor, keeping your kitchen fresh and clean.
  • Innovative design: The inlet hole and outlet hole in this grill pan help burn and rid of smoke and odor, providing a healthier cooking environment.
  • Oil furrow for separation: The rectangle shape of the pan features an oil furrow along the bottom rim, effectively separating oil or juices from fish or meat during cooking.
    HUHU 11-Inch Rectangular Grill Pan
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